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Dublin Area

Welcome to the Dublin Area!


This section of the 32 Counties Coaches focuses on Dublin by linking to our directory of the Coach Companies in DublinRead more »


We’ve also included some useful contact information about Things to do in DublinRead more »


Ireland offers a wonderful selection of hotel and guesthouse accommodation, up to & including 5-star hotels.


Accomodation articles:

» Temp: Guest Houses are Very Nice Too

» Temp: Lovely BnB to Stay In

» Temp: Sample Nice Hotel


As a small Island nation, Ireland’s fish dishes are unmatched. Restaurants offer a fine selection for your delectation.


Food articles:

» Temp: Tasty Food is Wonderful

» Temp: Food is great


Being slathered in mud feels better than it sounds, once you get used to the white robes and soothing sensations.


Relaxation articles:

» Temp: Just close your eyes and chill out

» Temp: Relaxation is so relaxing


Ireland is internationally known for its folk music, which has remained a vibrant tradition throughout the years.


Entertainment articles:

» Temp: Just have a bit of fun

» Temp: I love being entertained


Trinity’s Long Room, housing over 200,000 of the oldest books, is just one of Ireland’s many wonderful attractions.


Attractions articles:

» Temp: Very nice attractions to be seen


Taking a break from the greens and fairways, why not relax at one of our wonderful spa and leisure locations?


Activities articles:
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