Ireland is famous for its beautiful landscapes and Historical sites such as New Grange, Kylemore Abbey and Rocks of Cashel.

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Early Irish Christianity

While Christianity was in retreat over much of the European mainland, kings and nobles in Ireland fostered it. A remarkable late Celtic Christian civilisation flourished and Irish monks, pilgrims, explorers and scholars made a significant contribution to the culture of neighbouring lands. Image shows the beehive huts on Skellig Michael off the Kerry coast all built according to the corbel technique, forming a primitive monastery.

Religious Heritage Sites

The religious heritage is above all an extraordinary architecture with a thousand facets. Discover the diversity of these places and monuments. Monasteries, abbeys, cathedrals, churches, chapels. The buildings of our religious heritage give you an insight into religious and architectural change in France.

Great Houses & Gardens Of Ireland

Ireland is not always the first place that springs to mind for heritage homes and gardens. It should do. It boasts some of the finest great houses in the Europe where the very best of garden designers have worked their magic touch. The soil is rich, the climate mild, the rainfall good. These factors, combined with some seriously wealthy landowners, has left the country rich with stunning houses and well-stocked gardens.