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About Ireland

We at the 32CC Group wish to promote the island of Ireland and to attract tourists in order for them to experience the wonderfully rich flavours of our ancient and fascinating country. To that end, we present a brief selection of the many interesting recreational diversions to be found here. Please enjoy!

About Ireland : The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way will be Ireland’s first long-distance driving route, stretching from the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal to Kinsale in County Cork, offering future visitors an opportunity to truly discover the west coast. The 2,500km final route consisting of the main spine of the Wild Atlantic Way, was finalised following a comprehensive public consultation process and 156 strategically placed discovery points have been identified along the way…

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About Ireland : Historical Sights

Ireland has a wealth of Heritage and Ancient Monument sites from prehistoric burial sites and monastic settlements to Norman castles and historic houses. Among the more prominent of these are: the Megalithic Passage Tombs of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth; the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland at Tara; the monastic settlements on Skellig Michael (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO); mediaeval castles such as Kilkenny Castle; cathedrals and churches dating back to the Early Middle Ages (Christ Church in Dublin); world famous universities (Trinity College Dublin); and Victorian and Georgian houses and gardens built during British rule….

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About Ireland : Countryside

Revive, rebalance and stimulate your senses in Ireland’s unique Countryside. Explore the diverse heritage of the counties of Carlow, Galway, Tipperary, Roscommon and Donegal whilst soaking up the rich, cultural atmosphere of our scenic towns and villages. Relax in one of our many coastal destinations or enjoy a night on the town in the vibrant cities of the South East…

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About Ireland : Cityscapes

So, you are a city lover, attracted more by the distinctive culture, the speciality shops and the different buzz to be found in every city. Lots here to keep you happy! Ireland’s cities are small by international standards and each has its own unique heritage and character. From the busy and cosmopolitan capital, Dublin, to smaller more intimate cities like Kilkenny you will find abundant art galleries and museums, interesting side-streets to explore and shopping that has not (yet) been fully taken over by chain stores…

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About Ireland : Music & Craic

Traditional Irish music today is frequently encountered in the “session” (or even “seisiún”), a gathering of (usually) amateur musicians where tunes are played in unison by all the musicians who know the tune. Such events usually occur at regularly scheduled times, and usually take place in a establishment where dark foamy beverages are easily procured. The participants are generally not paid, except sometimes with free pints of dark foamy beverages, and for that reason they typically huddle in a dark corner rather than sitting on a stage. It’s often assumed that like goings-on date back at least to the times of Brian Boru. But the evidence for the origin of the “session” tells a much different story…

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About Ireland : Great Food

What is Irish cuisine? Food based on potatoes. Speciality cheeses. Lamb-based stews. Bacon and cabbage. Brown soda bread. Fruits of the sea such as smoked salmon, herring, mackerel, lobster, seaweed, cockles, Dublin Bay prawns, mussels and oysters. And “the full Irish” (a breakfast plate brimming with bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, potato farls and lots of tea).There are local delicacies with their own names, from coddle (a kind of stew) to boxty (a sort of potato bread) and crúibín (pig’s trotter). Buttermilk and creamy butter. Creamy pints of Guinness stout. Irish whiskey. Irish coffee. Baileys Irish Cream…

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About Ireland : Accommodation

Ireland is famous for its hospitality, and you’ll receive such a friendly welcome here that we hope you won’t want to leave us. When planning your visit to Ireland, there is a wide range of accommodation options available to you. Perhaps you’re looking for a romantic hideaway where you can enjoy the last word in luxury in one of Ireland’s sumptuous five star hotels, manor houses or castles. Or travel around the country, staying in some of the many rural bed and breakfast accommodations dotted around the countryside…

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